Peter Galarneau in the YucatanThe Journey of the Daggers has been a personal journey for me. I can't think of a greater learning experience that I've had, save a few juvenile misfortunes that plague all of us. There were more times than once that I almost gave up. There were more times than once, that I thought the past ten years were a huge waste of time. Who in their right mind would tackle such labor, for no pay, little recognition and no apparent immediate benefits? What person in their right mind would give their entire summers to the craft and every waking moment to the thought of people that really didn't exist outside the writer’s mind?
Silly, right? Stupid, certainly. Insane, probably.

But something wonderful happened on this journey of mine.

I grew up. I found real people who really cared about me, about what I was putting myself through, about that crazy writer who lived down the street. I got letters and emails and Facebook posts from real people who cared as much about the "fiction people" in my head as I did. Take one of the protagonists from Book One of the Trilogy, The Cubit. I killed this character quite unexpectedly and quite unexpectedly, I received so many bursts of opinion (some angry, some sad), it made me want to bring the character back to life (which is kind of ironic, but you'll have to read the story to know why I say that). That was my first wake up call. Readers really cared. They cared about the not so real people I cared about. And this was quite a learning experience. I grew up. And I didn't quit. When I first held the completed manuscript between my fingers, I thanked Fate. and I thanked all of you early adopters.

Enjoy my learning experience and take a most thrilling journey that I have lived to tell for a full decade of my life.

  • My Author's Bio on Amazon.com provides a bit more information about what makes me tick.

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    My 10-Year Journey


    The setting of the novel traverses the United States, Mexico and Australia. In the U.S., most of the early parts are set in Port Aransas, Texas (The Cubit) and Sedona, Arizona (The Djed). My mother once lived in Port Aransas and I grew up in Phoenix so I am quite familiar with those place settings.

    In MexicoThe novel moves on to the Yucatan Peninsula where the Mayan civilization once prospered. I visited the Yucatan in 2009. Some of the pictures that became influential in the novel are located on my Flickr account:


    In AustraliaIn 2007, I took a class on a three-week international trip to Australia. This experience, too, helped shape the novel. Some of the more important settings in the novel, particularly in the Third Book, 0-Time, were developed directly from my experiences on this trip. I have influential pics from that journey as well:


    Shortly after the first part of the Trilogy was published (The Cubit, 2008), I was a part of a radio interview (C92-FM) at the college where I teach. The recorded interview provides a little more insight into the Trilogy at that time in its development: